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“I have used diamond shears made by Jeff Lindsay since 1978…continuously! Can there be anything
more that you’d want from a tool than for it to hold up year in and year out?”

Jack Wax, Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia

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Our Shears Are a Cut Above the Rest!

Glass artists who have not used Cutting Edge shears typically ask Jeff Lindsay two questions: "What makes your shears better? And why do they cost more?"

His answer? "That’s easy. Design, materials and performance. You won’t have to replace them. Try them. If you don’t love them, I’ll give you a 100% refund."

Jeff has yet to have a pair returned.

If you have a problem with a pair of our shears, we’ll replace them at no charge, period.

We offer three types of hot glass shears:
Diamond Shears
Straight Shears
Trim Shears