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“Jeff – I want to TESTIFY!! Testify that your products are GREAT!! The jacks are wonderful and just seem to be a natural extension of my hand…Thanks for everything.”

Steve Overton

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Glassblowing parchoffi from Cutting Edge Products.

The ideal tool for smoothing surfaces and rendering gently flowing curves in hot glass. We form the handles from stainless steel so they’re utterly rust-averse. Cutting Edge Parchoffi are set up to receive 3/4 inch diameter cherry rods with a 5/8 inch shoulder.

Price: $120.00

TECH SPECS DRAWING | Item # A-PARCIOFFIS | Shipping weight: 2 lb.

Cherrywood Parchoffi Rods

Cherrywood Parchoffi Rods for glassblowing from Cutting Edge Products.

Replacement rods for Cutting Edge Products Parchoffi rods. They're 3/4 inch cherry wood.

Price: $11.00