Cutting Edge Products — a division of Red Hot Metal — specializes in crafting hand-made, precision tools for the glass artist.  

While Cutting Edge Products was established in 1998, Jeff Lindsay’s addiction to glassblowing began in 1973. He was a student at Chico State and happened to wander past the hot glass studio. It was love at first sight! He soon found himself taking classes and eventually working at Orient & Flume Art Glass.  There he built studio equipment, helped develop a sheet glass shop and often assisted the glassblowers.

While working with glass in those early years, Jeff began to imagine a refined set of tools for the glass artist. Through a lot of research and experimentation, he discovered D2 steel. Jeff determined this was the best steel for making shear blades. The blades don’t wear out. Making shears became his new business; Random Specialties was born (late 1970’s).

In those days D2 had to be cut with a hand saw. This was a tedious and unpleasant task. And young men wander. Fellow bike riders were racing down backroads on clunker bikes. Who could resist this kind of temptation? Not Jeff. He built a Mountain Goat, one of the first mountain bikes and started another business venture… Mountain Goat Cycles.

In 1998, Jeff came full circle and began producing his hand-made tools for glass artists under the business Cutting Edge Products. It was the development of the CNC machine that made the business possible. The CNC machine could effortlessly and consistently cut shear blades out of D2 steel. It didn’t take long for Jeff to be recognized as a leader in the evolution of the glass artist’s tools. Through innovative design, the highest quality craftsmanship, and the best state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing processes, Cutting Edge Products creates the very best tools available to the glass artist – and we back that up with Our Warranty.