D2 Steel

Jeff made his first pair of shears in 1978. As part of that project, through a lot of research and experimentation, he discovered D2 steel. But D2 was too hard to cut. It wasn't until years later—with the development of the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Water Jet Machine—that manufacturing glass tools out of D2 became a real possibility.

In the twenty years following that first pair of shears Jeff built a business making Mountain Goat bikes. But he kept his hand in glass making during all that time. Then in 1999, Jeff—using D2 as his steel of choice—introduced his line of high-quality, great design shears.

D2 is the perfect metal for making glass tools. It contains high percentages of chrome and carbon, making it rust-resistant, wear-resistant and hard to the thinnest edge. This means our D2 blades wear longer and stay sharp longer.

D2 blades resist glass dust abrasion and will not lose temper with extended heat exposure.

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