Cane Cutter

Cane Cutter


Because Jeff loves working with cane, it was inevitable for us to have a cane cutter in our line. We present the Cutting Edge Products Industrial Strength Cane Cutter. 

This baby is loaded! The almost-patented EZ ADJUST ACCU-GAUGE lets you cut a piece as short as a quarter-inch. And what a workhorse! It’s strong enough to cut five half-inch canes at the very same time! Watch the Cane Cutter in action!!


And you almost never need to change the sturdy carbide blade. Our blades are edged on all four sides. When one side dulls, you simply turn it to the next. That’s four times the usual blade life!


It’s made from thick slabs of plate steel – you can hardly move it. It is stable! And if you’re all about appearances, we’ve dressed it up in a Red Powder Coat. It’s not just pretty. It’s durable.

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