Pipe Cooler

Pipe Cooler


Our Pipe Cooler delivers easy, clean, automatic cooling. It’s that simple! Just lay your pipe or punty rod across the stainless steel ball transfers, rotate it and automatically a spray of cooling water chills it. You can even adjust the water flow yourself—we empower you to do that with an easy to use PVC valve!

That’s not all! The stainless steel water tray sits atop a red powder-coated steel trolley. To make cleaning easy, we've incorporated a removable plastic tub reservoir. Mobility won’t be an issue either—the cart scoots across the floor on low-friction casters and, because the system is battery powered, there’s no cord to stumble over.

Some assembly is required. Watch this video to see how effortless it is to assemble your pipe cooler.

Note:  Battery not included. You'll need a motorcycle-size, 12 VDC battery. We recommend: Extreme #XT16CL-B (3 ¾” x 6 ¾”). This number can be cross-referenced to other batteries.

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