There is nothing better than using a straight tool (pipe or punty). However, over time most pipes & punty’s do get bent. This can take years or happen quickly from misuse.

If you would like to get your pipe or punty back to true condition we can help.

When you send us your tired pipe & punty, we will evaluate its condition. Sometimes they are beyond straightening and if this is the case we will let you know before you spend any more money on them.

Keep in mind sometimes we receive pipes that are beyond repair and need to be recycled.

What we look for in our evaluation:

  •    Leaky weld.
  •    Broken cracked welds.
  •    Need for replacement mouth piece or end plug.
  •    Worn out, pitted and detreated head.
  •    Multi axis bends

When shipping your pipe(s) to us, please ship them as though they were straight, well-padded in a sturdy tube or box.

We will contact you with our evaluation and cost for getting them back in order & back to you.

Basic straightening is $25/ pipe or punty, plus return shipping.