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These are the Jacks that Jeff makes!

Quality matters to Jeff Lindsay. It really matters. We warranty our Jacks against defects in materials and workmanship for two years from date of purchase.


Cutting Edge blades are made from a long-wearing, high-quality spring steel. It’s definitely the jack for your trade! These blades have an oval profile and taper to a slight point. Best of all, they have a brushed finish that holds more wax than a polished surface. They slide easily, gliding smoothly across the glass without scratching.


Why does Jeff Lindsay make Cutting Edge jack handles from cold-formed spring steel? Because that’s a good thing! That’s Jeff’s way. Cold forming gives the handles just the right memory and puts a little spring in their step. High-grade spring steel is prone to rust, so at Cutting Edge Products our jacks are treated with a special inhibitor, like a bluing for gun metal, that darkens them. So, our jacks are black—Black Jacks.


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Specialty Jacks

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Tools of the Trade

Pipes and punties—you can’t be a glassblower without them. They’re essential. At Cutting Edge Products quality is essential too. It really matters. We warranty our pipes and punties against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from date of purchase.

Size Matters

Glassblowers have different needs. Jeff Lindsay, a glassblower himself, knows how to accommodate those needs. Cutting Edge Products designs and builds blowpipes and punty rods in five different configurations. If you’re unsure about which option will best suit your application, just ask—we’re glad to help. If you need something special, we can make that too. Simply Contact Us.

Made to Order Pipes and Punties

We aim to please and want to suit your specific needs. Here are Cutting Edge options you may choose for made-to-order pipes and punties.

Options include:
    •    Stainless steel mouthpieces
    •    Knurling – Knurling, a machining process, is usually created on a lathe that “spreads” a raised crisscross pattern on smooth round  bar. Knurling is done for cosmetic reasons or for better handling. It is just a matter of preference for the glassblower.
    •    Counter-weighted punty rod – The counterweight is used to counter-balance the load of glass on the end of the punty rod, giving the glassblower better handling as they shape the glass.
    •    Step-down punties – A punty rod is basically a handle for the hot glass. A step-down is machining down the end of the punty rod so the glass blower can work with smaller glass pieces.


Pipes and punties
Blowpipes and punty rods
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Our Shears Are a Cut Above

Glass artists who have never tried Cutting Edge shears ask two things: "What makes your shears better? And why do they cost more?"

Jeff Lindsay, who designs and builds Cutting Edge Products, answers, "That’s easy. It’s design, materials and performance. You won’t have to replace them. Try them, and If you don’t love them, I’ll give you a 100% refund." Jeff has yet to have a pair returned.

We offer three types of glass shears, several designed in collaboration with renowned artists:

Straight Shears
Trim Shears

Cutting Edge Shears—Different In The details

Our shears look different because they are different.  It’s all in the details, and Jeff Lindsay is serious about the details.

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Straight Shears
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